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About Us

Who We Are 

A team of exceptional specialty registered nurses focused on the care of unstable, chronically ill, or post-surgical patients, those at risk from life-threatening diseases and injuries, and patients in extremely vulnerable conditions.

Our expertise includes medical, surgical, neonatal, pediatric, neurology, cardiac, pulmonary, transplant, and trauma/burn to name a few.

What We Do

We work with doctors and specialists to assess, treat, and monitor patients while also providing basic patient care

Our Services and Responsibilities

• Provide one-on-one care to patients who have suffered serious illness or injury
• Assess patients to identify their needs and create an appropriate care plan
• Assist patients in understanding their medical diagnosis, illnesses, and injuries
• Monitor patients for reactions to medications
• Respond to changes in the patient's condition
• Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to develop and revise treatment plans based on identified needs and assessment data.
• Document patients' medical histories and assessment findings, and treatment plans. interventions, outcomes, or plan revisions.
• Provide education and guidance about the patient's condition, and care needs to the patient, their family, and caregivers.
• Act as an advocate for the patient.

Member Organisations 

We are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medication.
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